Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hot & Sour Soup with Tofu

Source: Clean Eating magazine
Makes 8 cups

4 cups vegetable broth (preferably low-sodium, no MSG)
2 medium carrots, sliced in rounds
1 cup snow peas, sliced on a diagonal
1 cup chopped baby bok choy (1 bunch)
1 small jalapeno pepper, seeded & chopped
2 tsp ground ginger
2 tsp arrowroot powder or corn starch
1 cup hot water
2 tsp tamari (soy sauce)
2 TB rice vinegar
20 oz. tofu, drained & cubed
4 green onions, slivered

1. In large pot, bring broth to boil over high heat. Add carrots, snow peas, jalapeno, & ginger; return to boil. Reduce heat to medium & cover & cook at least 5 minutes, or until vegetables are crsip-tender.
2. Place corn starch in liquid measuring cup; whisk in 1 cup hot water. Stir in tamari & rice vinegar. Stir mixture into simmering soup. Fold in tofu & green onions; cover & simmer until heated through.

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