Monday, March 17, 2008

Aimee’s Japanese Noodles

Makes about 4 servings

sesame oil for frying
14 oz. tofu, cubed
4 TB tamari soy sauce
2 crowns broccoli, chopped
1/2 cup thinly slivered carrots
10 oz. udon noodles
½ tsp crushed red pepper
fresh cilantro to garnish, optional

1. In large skillet, fry tofu in oil until browned; sprinkle with 1 TB tamari and place in medium serving bowl. In same skillet, saute carrots until crisp-tender.
2. Steam broccoli & add to skillet with carrots; sprinkle with 1 TB tamari & pan sear 1 minute. Add to bowl with tofu & stir together
3. Meanwhile, cook noodles according to package directions; drain. Transfer to large serving bowl & stir in 2 TB tamari and crushed red pepper. Top with broccoli mixture. Serve warm, with extra tamari, crushed red pepper, & cilantro, if desired.

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